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Read these Testimonials from Hines Dermatology Patients to Learn More about the Practice

Hines Dermatology

The negative impact that skin, hair and nail disorders can have on personal confidence is astounding. No one should have to hide their conditions when there are medical solutions to their problems just waiting around the corner. Hines Dermatology, located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, understands this and wants readers with dermatology-related issues to come forward with confidence. By facing their issues and receiving expert care from professionals, a comprehensive treatment plan can be put into action.


Selecting a facility like Hines Dermatology to treat your condition is a process that takes time. Prospective patients will want to know more about surgical procedures, oral medications offered, chemical peels, solutions for psoriasis and so much more. If you’re only going to see one medical professional to treat your condition, it’s best to make sure that this person is the best in the area. With that in mind, we’d like to share some insight from Hines Dermatology patients. We hope that this helps boost confidence and encourage those considering treatment to finally pick up the phone and make an appointment.


Duties of the Dermatologist: None other than Miss Rhode Island 2014 was a former patient of Hines Dermatology. While she lauded the office for the welcoming and confident staff, the persistence that doctors there offered was the reasons why she kept coming back until the condition was cured. “She [Dr. Yvonne Hines] was very persistent in finding the right cream or medication that would effectively treat the area so that my skin wouldn’t have to suffer any longer,” she wrote in a testimonial.


Pleasant Surprise: One patient found Hines Dermatology after the hospital he had been seeing closed. No one should have to worry about transferring personal records while dealing with a primary care facility closing plus finding a new place to seek treatment. Upon finding Hines Dermatology, a Cumberland, Rhode Island resident wrote in his testimonial: “I would have to say that the Hines offices were the best I have ever gone to cancer removals. I would recommend Hines Dermatology to anyone needing skin care treatment.”


Glowing Recommendations: When a patient says that they’d tell friends and family to go to a medical facility, that’s a huge compliment. As one Tiverton, Rhode Island resident explained in their testimonial, Hines Dermatology was able to address an ankle rash and ulcer. Not only did the healing take place as expected, but the patient was soon able to return to work. “I would have no reservations in continuing to recommend Dr. Hines to family and friends, as I have done many times,’ the patient said.

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